Sunday, July 29, 2018

Microsoft has introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller for physically challenged users

Who does not love to play video games? Small Large We all love to play video games. But there are some people among us who are physically disabled. Keeping in mind the tech giant Microsoft is going to bring a new gaming controller. The name of this controller is called Xbox Adaptive Controller. It's a mistake to think that it can only be used on Microsoft's Xbox gaming console, if there is an Xbox named XBOX. 

Xbox Adaptive
Xbox Adaptive

This new device allows you to use the Xbox One console as well as a computer with a Windows 10 operating system. The device has Bluetooth plug-and-play system.

This device also supports some other features of XBOX Wireless Controller, which includes button remapping, connectivity with external buttons, connectivity with buttons, switchstocks, joints and mounts, in this special controller. 

Xbox Adaptive
Xbox Adaptive

Tech Giant decided to create this special controller in partnership with Microsoft directly with some high profile grobal companies. Also, the device was built by connecting with some disabled gamers while designing and designing the controller. Microsoft started taking news and pre-orders in May of this year. Xbox Adaptive Controller will leave the market in September this year. The device is priced at $ 100 or Tk 8,450 in Bangladeshi money.

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Download the SuperSU Pro Flash File Zip file, with 100% pure and the latest SuperSU Pro 2.82 Apk

It's a superuser zip file, you will not be able to search by Google, and if you want to install it with your unlock key, but you will simply flip it with any recovery, so that you finish the job, and it's up to 5.0 to 8.0. You need to install flashable zip. 

★ Detect the details of the SuperSU file:

Name   : Super su
Version : 2.82(Latest)
Size :      5MB
Supported: 2.2 to higher
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★ Take a look at some of its screenshots

Super su
Supersu pro

Thanks to all for reading the post

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Download Android's Best Football Games Now Pes 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer - Technologysongbad

Peace be on you, how are you all.

Let's come

# Today, I'll share a football game with you Which is the best football game of Android
# Before a brother posted that Android's Best Games or Dream league
# Maybe it was the best among 300 MB
# Do not talk about anything Game: -
Pes 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer
Best Football Games Now Pes 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer With Android
  • Game name: - Pes 2018 
  • Game size is 1.45 GB 
  • Graphics: - Full HD 
  • Game Mode: - Online Games
# How do you download the game?

Pes 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer
Pes 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer
Job steps are:

# Turbo VPN from the Play Store, connect it with any country

# Then go to Play Store Search Pes 2018 The game will appear as below. I have downloaded so showing the update text
# You will install

# I'm 100% guarantee that you will love the game some things

# Since the game will need to download the game from Play Store, then your phone will be better at 4G, because 1.45 GB will be downloaded.Then you can download faster

# And before downloading the game, Empty at least 3 GB of space in the phone memory.

# Many people think of what they can gain by downloading the game with so much MB.

# It's a matter of fact that the game is a game of Pyramis and the game is tray

# Skins of some games: -
Pes 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer
Pes 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer

Thursday, July 26, 2018

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console Tools - Technologysongbad

In the event that you've quite recently begun your blogging profession, you won't not know how web search tools function and how to show your site in the Google indexed lists to direct people to your blog.

You can demonstrate your site in Google scan for nothing on the off chance that you can assist Google with finding your blog.

To do that, you should think about Google Search Console (prior known as Google Webmaster Tools).

Inquiry Console is a free instrument offered by Google which causes you to show your site in Google query items (file or creep your site).

This apparatus likewise causes you to enhance the slithering rate of your blog.

All you need to do are a couple of straightforward things.

As a matter of first importance, you've to confirm in Google Search Console that you're the proprietor of the site.

Furthermore, the second and most essential undertaking is to present your blog/site sitemap to seek reassure.

Here, I will direct you through well ordered techniques about how to submit site sitemap to Google website admin apparatuses.

Be that as it may, before that we have to comprehend what really a sitemap is, and why is it critical for your blog to present a sitemap.

For confirming your site proprietorship on Search Console, you can allude to this article on Kiss metrics blog.

Along these lines, absent considerably encourage ado, how about we begin.

What is a Sitemap?

As the word sounds, a sitemap is really a guide of your site.

At the point when Google crawlers circumvent the web ordering new website pages in its database, new sites are normally passed up a great opportunity as just a couple or no locales are connecting to them and they're not mindful of sitemap thing.

A sitemap is either a XML or HTML document that contains every one of the URLs of the pages inside your blog.

While HTML sitemap causes your guests to explore through your blog, a XML sitemap helps the web index crawlers a similar way.

When you present a XML sitemap to Google Webmasters, it encourages internet searcher crawlers to discover every one of the URLs on your site and add it to their database.

There are different parts of a sitemap that influence the slithering rate of your blog, for example, the measure of your sitemap, the quantity of URLs in your sitemap, ordering need of pages on your blog, refreshing recurrence, and so on.

Presently, that you think about sitemap and its significance, we should proceed onward to the further advances.

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google

Hunt Console

The following is the entire procedure you need to follow in wording to present your blogspot blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

This instructional exercise is isolated into 1 sections.

One is for submitting sitemap for blog entries (articles) and another for submitting sitemap for static pages like reach us, about us, security arrangement and so forth.

Part - 1

Submitting sitemap for blog entries

Stage 1: Sign in to your Google Webmasters Account.

Stage 2: Select the coveted blog you wish to present the sitemap for.

Stage 3: At the left half of the page, tap on Sitemaps under Crawl segment.

google-seek support sitemaps

Blogger Sitemap Submitted
Blogger Sitemap Submitted
Blogger Sitemap Submitted
Blogger Sitemap Submitted

Stage 4: Now, at the upper right corner of the page, tap on Add/Test Sitemap catch.

Blogger Sitemap Google Search Console

Stage 5: Add the beneath code in the gave content field.


This is the sitemap code for your blogger blog that you have to include.

Stage 6: Press "Submit Sitemap" catch.

Stage 7: Refresh the page.

Salutation! You have completed the way toward presenting your blog sitemap.

Note: The above sitemap will work for 500 posts as it were. On the off chance that you have in excess of 500 posts distributed on your blog, at that point you need to include one more sitemap.

The Whole methodology will be same, yet as of now you need to include this code.


If it's not too much trouble share your perspectives with me on the impacts of including the sitemap and let me know in the remarks on the off chance that you require any assistance in presenting your blog sitemap