Sunday, July 29, 2018

Microsoft has introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller for physically challenged users

Who does not love to play video games? Small Large We all love to play video games. But there are some people among us who are physically disabled. Keeping in mind the tech giant Microsoft is going to bring a new gaming controller. The name of this controller is called Xbox Adaptive Controller. It's a mistake to think that it can only be used on Microsoft's Xbox gaming console, if there is an Xbox named XBOX. 

Xbox Adaptive
Xbox Adaptive

This new device allows you to use the Xbox One console as well as a computer with a Windows 10 operating system. The device has Bluetooth plug-and-play system.

This device also supports some other features of XBOX Wireless Controller, which includes button remapping, connectivity with external buttons, connectivity with buttons, switchstocks, joints and mounts, in this special controller. 

Xbox Adaptive
Xbox Adaptive

Tech Giant decided to create this special controller in partnership with Microsoft directly with some high profile grobal companies. Also, the device was built by connecting with some disabled gamers while designing and designing the controller. Microsoft started taking news and pre-orders in May of this year. Xbox Adaptive Controller will leave the market in September this year. The device is priced at $ 100 or Tk 8,450 in Bangladeshi money.

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